Technical and Refit for Superyachts

Superyacht Sales and Charter discusses how the technical and refit team will keep your luxury superyacht running at its best.

Our Technical and Refit team is standing by to ensure that your luxury superyacht continues to be the high-quality vessel that you purchased. Whether it is for a quick ride through the bay or an adventure along the coast, you should never have to worry that your yacht is not at its best. We specialize in the overall care of superyachts, so you will have the secure feeling of superior performance, function, and structure of your yacht. Whether you are planning to refit your current luxury yacht or have purchased a yacht that needs a refit, we offer the perfect opportunity to bring new life into the vessel you love.
From the day your yacht is delivered, Superyacht Sales and Charter will be by your side to guarantee ongoing preventative maintenance. Our technical and refit team holds truth to the practice of first-class safety, reliability, and sound financial management. The benefits are copious and range from guaranteeing the availability of the vessel for use by the Owner at all times, ensuring cost effective use of resources during maintenance periods, and retaining the vessel’s future resale value.

Superyacht Sales and Charter ensures the following as the Owner’s representative:

  • Provide an overview of all technical and refit related issues with the aim of ensuring long-term continuity over the life cycle of the vessel. As the refit process progresses, you will be updated each step of the way. We want you to feel safe and able to trust our professional staff as your vessel is being refit and restored back to like new condition.
  • Liaising, vetting, and providing recommendations with respect to contractors, ship yards, refit / warranty project managers, and specialists. This is your superyacht, there should be no surprises throughout this process.
  • Being involved in the formulation and implementation of a concise, vessel Preventative Maintenance Plan for all systems, in conjunction with the Chief Engineer and Captain.
  • Consultation and diagnosis in conjunction with Chief Engineer and Captain with the aim of determining need for repairs, modifications and improvements. Any changes that are deemed necessary will be brought to your attention and discussed to provide you with a full understanding of the changes that are taking place.
  • Work list review, prioritization, and budgeting in conjunction with Captain and Chief Engineer. We will provide the guidance and support necessary to ensure the best decisions are made financially for you and your vessel.

Superyacht Sales and Charter has a considerable amount of contacts with shipyards, equipment manufacturers, and engineering firms across Europe, the US, and the Middle and far East with the aim of providing good value and support. Quality support matters because we know how much your yacht means to you, which is why we treat each individual yacht like it’s our own personal vessel. When you choose Superyacht Sales and Charter, you’re not just purchasing a vessel, your joining the Superyacht family.
As part of our family, we will work directly with you and your captain at every stage of the technical and refit process. From finding the perfect designer to contract negotiations and monitoring every refit step, our expert team will be there to provide unparalleled management as the superyacht you love is reborn to continue creating a lifetime of memories voyaging.