Superyacht Sales and Charter will work directly with the Captain and crew to provide you with nautical safety and security procedures to ensure the safety of all lives aboard your vessel.

Superyachts need to be operated under strict codes governed by the International Maritime Organization, but there is always the human factor to take into consideration.

We understand that all life is precious, so we strive not just to fulfill minimum standards, but to surpass them for all persons onboard to be appropriately protected. Whether you are looking for operational assistance to meet compliance for the passenger yacht code, or to commercially register your yacht, Superyacht Sales and Charter will assist you through all safety protocols.

Our safety and security staff for superyachts are an experienced team of professionals that have the knowledge to ensure that your superyacht is documented and managed to a first-class standard. You will be in safe hands, as Superyacht Sales and Charter provides 24/7 on-call assistance from yacht monitoring to safety, and operating manuals. Ensuring there is a clear safety protocol in place, in conjunction with the Master’s Standing Orders, is one of our principle roles, thus ensuring your liability is successfully limited.

As part of your safety and security package, Superyacht Sales and Charter will tailor a package to meet all guidelines for your vessel. The Captain will know the proper operation of your vessel and the necessities that must be onboard. Our team works directly with the Captain to personalize a safety and security package that is specific to your travels and Superyacht.

Our Safety Management package includes:

  • Assisting in the operational preparation of the vessel prior to departing the shipyard.
  • Verifying Maritime Code Compliance by conducting constant risk analysis.
  • Certification monitoring to ensure the yacht remains compliant.
  • Ongoing liaison with the Flag State and Classification Society.
  • Crew certification monitoring with respect to safe manning requirements.
  • Providing regular updates summarizing changes in legislation, as well as local cruising and port issues that may be relevant.
  • Assisting in the further development of the ISM & ISPS systems by facilitating crew training and conducting internal audits.
  • Provide additional, shore-based emergency support.

Superyacht Sales and Charter will be entrusted with the responsibility of the safe operation of your superyacht. We will ensure the validation of insurance at all times and ensure that your superyacht does not pollute or harm marine life in any way.Our superyacht safety management team is audited, at minimum, once per year by the Flag state. We work to maintain that your superyacht is within the strict guidelines and parameters of a safe, operational vessel. Within these audits, Superyacht Sales and Charter will produce a report to the owners, illustrating up-to-date certification of licenses, insurances, and subscriptions are valid. Additionally, the invoice will include a full list of specific items that must be addressed and a financial report of costs, budgets, and the actual amounts summarized from the help of our experienced financial administration team.

For additional information about our superyacht safety management team, yacht sales, and yacht charters, call us directly at (954) 368-7200.