Superyacht Sales and Charter will provide shore-based solutions for all eventualities. Our team is dedicated to providing logistical management support with no other distractions. We provide accurate industry advice and support in relation to the current requirements pertaining to Holding Company registration (especially EU Law), VAT obligations, and Commercial Charter regulations. You can be assured that the required support or assistance is just a phone call or an email away.

We fulfill this role by:

*if required

  • Vetting service providers – Providing recommendations and contract negotiation when required
  • Facilitating an address for mail and small packages for the yacht and crew*
  • Assisting with forwarding freight to and from the yacht*
  • Providing assistance for a worldwide cruising yacht
  • Assisting with marina and shipyard reservations*
  • Assisting with bunkering arrangements*
  • Assisting with global communication registration*
  • Providing satellite tracking of the yacht, 24 hours a day, so that you are never in any doubt as to its location.

At Superyacht Sales and Charter, our management team will provide you with the best operational logistical support worldwide no matter where your yacht may be. We will stop at nothing to bring you premier assistance with any supplies and services pertaining to your yacht, and quickly respond when an emergency may surface. Our staff possesses the experience and resources to swiftly achieve a positive outcome.

The Yacht industry is unique, and can seem like a different world to first time charters. As previously mentioned, we will provide first-class, worldwide assistance throughout the entire process, including all departments regarding your charter:

  • Berthing
    • Docking a yacht can be very difficult. We will provide the necessary assistance to ensure your vessel stays in pitch perfect condition.
  • Yacht Transport
    • From the moment you decide on a location for your charter or purchased yacht, we work directly with you for the best arrangements and a safe, secure yacht transport.
  • Provisioning
    • Every yacht needs food and beverages. As part of the provisioning process, you’ll be walked you through a process tailored to the exact specifications of what you want on board.
  • Guest and Crew Transport
    • Necessary transport will be provided for all members who will be aboard the vessel.
  • Bunkering
  • Spare parts sourcing
  • Interior Services

Our Emergency Support team will always be standing by in the event of any crisis. Available at all hours of the day, Superyacht Sales and Charter knows how precious every life aboard the vessel is. Contacts will be given to you before you board and exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.

You will be instructed and assisted with:

  • Rescue Services
    • Although we take precautions to avoid any catastrophe, rescue services will be standing by waiting to respond to your call.
  • Towing companies
    • In the event which you need to be towed to a dock due to a gas shortage, towing companies are provided to ensure you do not get lost at sea.
  • Medical Advice
    • Seasickness, slip-n-fall, or other accidents may arise. You will be fully instructed and well prepared before your yachting experience is underway.
  • Insurance and Lawyer
    • For the utmost protection, insurance providers and lawyers are available.