Crew Administration


When you own or charter a superyacht, the crew is one of the most essential factors to the enjoyment of your time at sea. A cohesive, well-functioning yacht crew will not only exceed your expectations but will ensure your ownership and charter experience is stress-free, fun, and luxurious. Not every yacht is the same, nor is every crew, nor is every yacht owner, which is why our yacht management and crew administration teams help determine the perfect crew for your particular yacht or voyage.

Our highly personalized approach and commitment to client satisfaction ensures we’ll select and maintain the absolute best candidates with the right balance of skills, qualifications, and experience to fully satisfy your unique requirements.

Hiring Crew for Your Superyacht or Charter

Superyacht Sales and Charter will partner with the Captain to find the most suitable crew members for not only the vessel, but also for you. By hiring the right crew members, it ensures smooth operation of the yacht. References, validity and experience will be researched by us so you don’t have to, ensuring the right candidates are presented to you as we move forward in assisting with the interview process.

A requirement before the hiring of any individual crew member is the passing of a vetting process. Feeling safe with the crew members on your superyacht should not be a concern, which is why each individual candidate must pass a background check before any position is offered. Once the perfect crew administration has been staffed, we will continue to assist with crew management, salaries, joining arrangements, and properly handle any crew-related matters that may arise. Additionally, we will participate and advise on annual salary reviews for all crew members.

Superyacht Sales and Charter will assist in establishing crew employment agreements, discuss the crew policies, procedures, standing orders, and job descriptions in line with industry standards and current regulations. The size of all yachts has a direct correlation with the number of minimum crew members required to safely man each vessel. Superyacht Sales and Charter will supervise the recruitment of experienced officers and crew, in relation to the Flag State Safe Manning Requirements.

Crew administration for superyacht owners must meet specific guidelines in order for safety and security protocols to meet minimum regulations. Our staff are superyacht experts, so we will directly assist you to ensure that all local (EU / USA) and international (ILO / IMO) regulations and requirements are met.
Before setting sail, in conjunction with the Captain, a training process is required for each new crew member. During this period, performance assessments will be made to ensure each member is properly placed in the role in which they excel. Guidance and advice will be provided to crew members with the focus to meet superior crew administration assistance and care of the superyacht.

Building a Trustworthy Crew for Your Yacht

The foundation between Owner, Captain and Crew is trust. That trust is what our philosophy of HappyCrew = HappyBoat = HappyOwner is built on. Without trust, those three pillars will never be able to establish the safety, security and peace necessary to develop a successful superyacht crew administration team. We have proven our philosophy to be true, and Superyacht Sales and Charter will work in pursuit of making that philosophy work for you.
For more information regarding our crew administration, and for all your Superyacht needs, call us directly at (954) 368-7200.