Superyacht insurance is a complex service that is critical to safeguard marine risks. Superyacht Sales and Charter conducts an in-depth study of risk coverage, underwriter reputation, and claim handling to recommend only the best service providers.

Superyacht Sales and Charter works closely with several insurance brokers and will arrange appropriate insurance for your yacht and crew. We conduct regular review of hull & machinery, liability, and crew health insurance policies.

Superyachts are considered one of the most luxurious objects in the world, and with that comes one of the most extensive insurances as well. From the jet-skis, inflatables and dinghies, to the guests and crew, superyacht insurance must be that more inclusive of coverage.

What Does Superyacht Insurance Cover?

Of course, the yacht itself. A package can be tailored to exact specifications, but typically the insurance covers:

  • The Superyacht in its entirety
  • Water Sports Equipment
  • Inflatables
  • Personals – Clothing, Food, Drinks, Currency (on-board)
  • Any leased items

Liability Coverage is also recommended to insure the owner’s legal liabilities. Additionally, the crew should be included in the insurance package to protect in case of emergencies, accidents, medical issues and salary. No fault coverages will also be discussed to protect fault towards the yacht in case of injury to any guest or crew members.

Protecting the crew members is very important, especially when they are away from their resident country. There may be a scenario that a crew member needs medical treatment, air rescue, or even crew replacement. Insurance packages are available to protect you if any of these scenarios were to arise.


Yachting is a more expensive luxury that can consist of very treacherous possibilities at sea. Your Superyacht Insurance package should cover these situations for the safest of coverages which include:

  • Captains Coverage – Insurance that protects the Captain in an event that can ruin the individuals career.
  • Piracy – Although it is a very low possibility it is important to have the proper coverage.
  • Ransom

What Exactly Effects the Superyacht Insurance Coverage?

Depending on the coverage you land on, many factors can affect exactly how your insurance pans out including:

  • The overall size of the Superyacht
  • Location of your yachting excursion
  • Size of the crew and their backgrounds (nationalities)
  • Refurbishments if needed
  • Different modes of movement of the ship by third party carriers
  • Financial arrangements

Things to Remember

Shipyard insurance is also needed. Shipyard’s typically cannot handle the high value and risk of holding a Superyacht. For this reason, Shipyard’s will ask that you sign a waiver that protects themselves against any negligence incurred, which will lift any fault that the owner’s insurance will place on the shipyard.

Check the claims guidance for your insurance policy. This will inform you of what to do in any situation and the quicker the claim is reported, the sooner assistance can arrive and a solution can occur.

Taking the extra time to consult an insurance company will guarantee that you are fully protected. Regardless if you are part of the crew, a guest or the Captain, it is highly important to know that you have the best possible coverage available.

For more information about insurance packages, sales or chartering a superyacht, call us at 954-368-7200 or contact us at

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