Chartering a Superyacht should be painless. Like your time aboard the vessel of your choosing, Superyacht Sales and Charter makes the entire charter process as smooth as your ride across the deep blue sea. From the first step of selecting your yacht to the last step of your final payment, our team will serve your every delight to ensure the most perfect of getaways.

The Charter Process

The first step and the one that really gets your heart churning about the process, Selecting Your Yacht:

Selecting your charter can take time, so do not rush. You’re embarking on a world-class journey, take your time, and make it worth it. A list of luxury yachts in the destination of your choosing will be displayed. There will be a vast array of charters, all available with first-class amenities, services, toys and luxuries. Only you know what kind of experience your looking for; describe it, then make it happen.

Now that you have chosen your desired location and superyacht, it is time to Contact a Yacht Broker:

When you go through the purchasing and chartering process with Superyacht Sales and Charter in Fort Lauderdale, the entire process is covered. Our sales team has the experience to make the chartering of your chosen yacht to be as simple and stress-free as possible. Whatever yacht you choose, our brokers can handle the financing process for chartering, and get you on your way.

Once the broker is contacted and the charter is confirmed, it is time for the most exciting step, Customizing Your Itinerary:

At this point in the process, it is time to fully tailor your yachting experience exactly how you can dream it to be. Set your itinerary to travel hot spots, book catering specific to each day, and choose the luxuries and adult toys like jet skis. Of course, Superyacht Sales and Charter specialists will be there to make suggestions if you need an extra hand in perfecting your trip.

Time to Travel. As the chartering process begins to close,
You will need to set up Travel Arrangements:

In the final stages of your chartering process, you will need to set up your first travel arrangement to your first meet-up point. This is where you will first board your luxury vessel. With suggestions from our yachting experts, you will have to choose the rest of your points of interest which you feel would best fit the remainder of your trip.

Of course, the final stage of the Chartering Process includes the
Charter Agreement, Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) and Final Payment:

Your charter agreement which is drawn up by our experienced staff lays out the details of your entire charter experience. Additional Information that must not be forgotten is the APA charge and final payment. This is a total cost that covers fuel, food, and any other special equipment that is required to be onboard during your time on the charter. The final payment is required to be paid about a month prior to your charter embarkation.

Now that you understand the process, it is time to choose a boat and begin your adventure aboard one of the finest luxury Superyachts, brought to you by Superyacht Sales and Charter. Visit our charter page and search for that special yacht that will bring you one of the best journeys of your life.