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Selecting the perfect yacht for your chartered getaway is half the fun. Chartered yachts run the spectrum in terms of type, size, style, amenities, and rates. Whether you are looking for power or sail, classic or contemporary, small or large, Superyacht Sales and Charter has a yacht waiting to take you on your next vacation in ultimate luxury.

Planning Your Superyacht Charter:
A few things to remember when chartering from Superyacht Sales and Charter:

We ensure top-of-the-line safety protocols to guarantee an amazing experience aboard your superyacht charter. Our Safety Management team will assist in the operational preparation of the vessel prior to departing the shipyard. During your trip, we will constantly conduct risk analysis and monitor the vessel to ensure the yacht remains compliant. Additionally, the crew will provide regular updates about local cruising and port issues, which may affect your charter, but ensures safety at all times.

Size is a major consideration when it comes to chartering a yacht. It must be able to accommodate all of your guests, meet all your charter needs, and fit the environment for your desired destination.

The amount of time you plan on spending aboard the vessel can depict several different options. What kind of entertainment will be necessary onboard your charter? Should your yacht be equipped for adults only, be family-friendly with children's entertainment, or be made romantic for a couples' getaway? Will you need the latest in stereo entertainment systems, a large deck space for a romantic dinner, or maybe you're an avid lover of water toys like jet skis, water tubes and water slides. You may be looking for the ultimate, quiet, luxurious fishing getaway. All of the aforementioned needs to be taken into consideration when selecting the perfect yacht for charter. No matter what you are looking to get out of your charter experience, you will need to establish a budget, and amenities are included in that budget.

Our company offers financial administration for charters, and we take pride in our efforts for efficient financial control, and all owners in our fleet trust us to do just that. At Superyacht Sales and Charter, you will have a dedicated staff that is specialized in yacht accounting to successfully budget your charter. Our staff has strong working relations with both banks and suppliers. Our finance team is a complete solution that addresses all areas of yacht accounting issues.

Some of our key elements:

  • Establish a budget categorized as well as subcategorized where necessary.
  • Receipt of an agreed operating budget
  • Processing of all payments in-house

  • We keep all relevant parties informed of any necessary budget changes if they are to occur.

    When chartering with Superyacht Sales and Charter, you must always remember that we stand by our founding principles no matter the charter experience you are looking for.

    We will always provide exceptional service, unrivalled expertise, and integrity. Contact us today to start planning your next yacht charter.

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