Listed Below are Frequently Asked Questions for chartering a Superyacht.

What is a Charter Agreement?

A Charter Agreement is a legally signed document by the broker and the client (you) which specifically outlines all major factors within your yachting vacation. Some of the factors included will be the yacht in use, dates of the vacation, destination, overall cost, etc.

What is the MYBA?

The Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association is a world-wide yachting association which promotes the highest standards of yachting professionalism in the industry. Specifically, this standard is held when creating the charter agreement and is typically the contract type used amongst most brokers.

What is WMT?

The West Mediterranean Terms are a more all-inclusive agreement. Including but not limited to the yacht charter, all equipment on board, cleaning products, crew wages, food, insurance, third-party claims, and the liability of the crew’s employer.

What are Caribbean Terms?

Caribbean Terms consist of a more all-inclusive agreement with the allowance of more variety and options, which include the charter fee.

What is SEMT?

Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms is an alternate standard charter agreement. Included in this agreement is five hours of cruising fuel for each day of your charter vacation. Additionally, berthing and harbor charges are included in this agreement. This agreement however, does not include cleaning materials or basic onboard consumables.

What is APA?

Advance Provisioning Allowance is a requirement which must be paid aside from the charter fee. This payment is usually required weeks before you begin your charter vacation. The payment consists of a fee at twenty to thirty percent of the charter fee. The funds from the APA are used for the Captains expenses including fuel for the vessel, harbor charges, laundry expenses, consumables, etc. At the end of your charter the Captain will have an account total which the difference will either be refunded or you will be asked to pay the excess amount.

What do crews consist of?

Depending on the size of the yacht, the number of crew members vary. Although, crew members will be in roles within the deck crew, interior crew and others in specialty roles.

The deck crew consists of the Captain, First Mate, Boson, and Deckhand.

  • These crew members are responsible for sailing, navigation and preparation and operation of water toys.

Interior crew members consist of stewardesses and cooks.

  • Responsible for food, housekeeping and general services.
Do you have to tip the crew?

It is not mandatory but very customary to leave gratuity for the crew at the end of your charter vacation. Typically, a tip amount between five and fifteen percent of the charter fee is a respectable tip. If you are going to tip, leave the tip with the Captain so he may distribute it amongst the crew members.

What is supplied onboard?

Most yachts are equipped with internet, towels, sun screens, hairdryers and basic toilet necessities.

What do I need to bring on the boat?

Just about everything you need will already be onboard. It is recommended to pack lightly. Remember to bring bathing suits, athletic shoes, and if you plan on visiting any onshore restaurants, formal wear in the case of strict dress codes. Highly important to not forget passports, visas, and any other forms of identification. Be prepared for the possibility of seasickness and purchase the proper medications if you are prone to the sickness.

Are there specific hours the yacht can cruise?

In most cases, if the weather permits, sailing is allowed at any time which it does not conflict with the itinerary.

Will pick-up arrangements to and from the airport be made?

Typically, airport transportation is discussed with your yacht broker and done by one of the crew members.

Can anyone use the water toys/sports equipment?

Most of the water toys/sports equipment can be freely used by the guests. Different countries have different requirements. Scuba gear can only be used with the proper qualifications or in the presence of a qualified instructor. There is an option to obtain an instructor to come onboard to assist in scuba diving.

Can I bring my pet onboard?

Pets are typically not allowed on board for safety and health regulations. Additionally, animals are usually extremely uncomfortable for long periods of sea travel.

Are there any rules regarding smoking onboard?

Smoking is generally not permitted inside most vessels. Smoking is prohibited in cabins/staterooms.

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