05 Apr

The Proper Cleaning Products for Your Superyacht


The size of a superyacht can be very intimidating, especially when it comes to cleaning it. Something often overlooked is the correct products used to clean your yacht, including the chemicals those products contain. It is crucial that when it comes to cleanliness of your superyacht, you must also consider the ingredients of your cleaners, as well as the health of the ocean.

Do your best to avoid yacht cleaning products that contain:


 Phosphates upset and change the natural balance of the sea and cause unhealthy algae to bloom on the bottom of your superyacht.

Alkaline Products

Including bleach and ammonia, which are toxic to not only the sea, but humans as well.

When cleaning your yacht or hiring a professional, be sure to use fresh water and cleaning products that are:

pH Neutral

The closer the cleaner is to a neutral pH the better. Many problems can arise from extra acidity in products. Coral can even form improper skeletons.


Products that are naturally broken down by bacteria or other simple organisms do not harm any part of the ocean or your yacht.

Although most products are biodegradable, you must still look for it on the label when selecting the best yacht cleaning products for your superyacht. Be sure to avoid many common cleaners like dish soap; dish soap will cause harm to the animals.

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Written by: Judy Apicerno

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